ur objective is to provide a high quality, high yield investment return for our investors. Investors own an undivided interest in a promissory note that is secured by a deed of trust or mortgage on real property. Our investors are currently enjoying returns between 11%- 14% annually which are suitable for individuals, trusts, pensions, IRAs and investment partnerships or corporations.

Our borrowers are typically seasoned real estate professionals who are willing to pay higher interest rates and upfront costs because it provides them with the liquidity required to secure distressed properties at deep discounts which they in turn convert into profits on the backside of the transaction. This creates a compelling opportunity for our investors to participate in loans that offer very strong & predictable yields.

Security is Our Priority

  • Your investment is a First Trust Deed secured by a recorded Promissory Note and Deed of Trust
  • First Trust Deeds are recorded at the County Recorder’s office and are legal documents
  • First Trust Deeds offer legal protection, recourse and enforcement
  • Loan to Value ratios do not exceed 65% based on our underwriting.
  • TC Capital

    Investor returns range from 12 to 14 percent per Year

    Diversify your investment portfolio

    First Trust Deeds are an excellent use of IRA funds as interest is deferred

    We are involved with all aspects of your investments

  • The Three C's of Lending

    Collateral – Do we like the property and believe we are funding at 65% LTV?

    Credit – Does the borrower have a history of paying their bills?

    Capacity – Does the borrower have the ability to bring the project to a successful conclusion?

    If we answer yes to all three of these questions than we will move forward on the project!

  • The Guidelines

    65% Maximum LTV

    We visit every property we lend on

    An executive summary is published on each loan

    Substantial interest reserves are built into all loans

    We manage the rehab funds insuring that our collateral is improved